So what is IM VIP Training what is it all about?

I created this site in 2011 as a place to host all the training products for my high end coaching clients. The goal was to have a place where members can access training on a variety of topics in one place.

Over the years it has become a membership site that is accessed by hundreds of marketers every week. Creating information marketing products has always been a passion for me and something I do regularly. We’ve launched 28 products over the years and have added all our products to the IM VIP Training Members area.

These include IM Newbie - IM Affiliate Funnel - IM Product Launching - IM Traffic: Facebook Masters - IM Coaching Guide - IM Video Ads - IM Video Masters - Genesis Affiliate Marketing Blueprint - Consistent Sale System - Solo Ad Escape - IM VIP Training - IM Coaching Series.

With our 200 training lessons, we believe this to be only information marketing training site you’ll ever need. I believe reports and training videos can only take you so far as people sometimes get lost with instructions and run into roadblocks.

Chances are me of some of our other students have been there in the past. This is why we have our private Facebook Group to help members instantly with any questions they can. We also recently built in an online community comments section inside the members' area.

But what about LIVE Training? In 2016 I started to introduce webinars for IM VIP Training members and a massive hit they were. Since then we’ve covered everything from Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Messenger Bots, Video Advertising and so much more. Most of the webinar topics come from the feedback of our members inside the Facebook Group.

The plans and the future goals. As I’m writing this IM VIP Training has been active for 7 years with over 5100 members currently signed up. Our goal in 2018 is too reach 10,000 members, helping more people from every part of the world.

If you’ve not created your account yet click the link below and join our tribe of successful marketers.